The Narnia Experience

Aslan - Zoe

In March 2019 Altrincham Baptist Church recreated the wonderful world of Narnia, based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by the Christian writer C.S.Lewis.

What an amazing time we had! The event was the culmination of months of preparation and the church coming together to plan, act, construct (and deconstruct), pray, administer, cater, host, facilitate, welcome, bake, be creative, demonstrate their techy skills, dance… name it… was probably happening!

We’ve counted 117 people who have contributed in some way to the event, as well as all who invited friends, neighbours and colleagues along to join the experience. 1,597 tickets were sold, including more than 760 school children coming along with their teachers/parent assistants, so that probably makes it nearer 1,700 people over 59 sessions and 6 amazing days!

Thank you to all who were involved and thank you most of all to God for giving us this opportunity to share the story of Jesus in such an engaging way.

Here are a few pictures of the experience:

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With thanks to In Another Place for providing sets and props

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