I’m writing this . . .

. . . after listening live to some of the answers of ex-FBI head James Comey as he is giving testimony to a senate committee. Extraordinarily, on a UK General Election day, this event has usurped the election as the number one BBC News story.

And as much as this is a hearing which concerns one specific situation, as I listen, it seems to be emblematic of society’s wider issues with truth; stretching the truth, alternative truth and untruth.

Last Sunday evening we spent time reflecting on this contemporary crisis of truth, using the words of James’ letter, chapter 3. Our words reveal what cannot be seen and essentially our controlling of our speech is an essential aspect of being a Christian. And so we concluded: Any pretence of being a true follower of Jesus, which doesn’t result in a serious dealing with how we talk, shows that our discipleship is a sham, a game


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