Presence, presence, presence.

I have been reminded recently of the wonder, the beauty and the power of presence. Simply by being with people, sharing their lives, their pain, their joy, is a significant part of God’s calling on our lives.

It is found explicitly in Romans 12:15, but implicitly in the call I heard last week for ever Christian to read the scriptures through the lens of the incarnation, God’s presence with humanity.

And so in knowing God’s presence with us, we remarkably and wonderfully can mediate his presence to others.

I was sent this week by a church member these words of William Brodrick: “We have to be candles, burning between hope and despair, faith and doubt, life and death, all the opposites. That is the disquieting place where people must always find us. And if our life means anything, if what we are goes beyond the monastery (church) walls and does some good, it is that somehow, by being here, at peace, we help the world cope with what it cannot understand.”


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