One of my nephews recently posted a video…

… on his Facebook page. It was of him and his two brothers boarding a flight to Portugal. The thing is, that it ends with him spinning round to film the final passenger boarding the plane and asking them, ‘How are you doing Bob ?’ It was Bob Geldof. I guess that when Bob Geldof’s obituary is written, reference will inevitably be made to his arresting appeal for money at the 1985 Live Aid event at Wembley Stadium.

This morning we are also talking money, (but probably not as it happened at Live Aid.) In week two of our short series ‘The Disciplined Disciple’ we are looking at Giving. Christianity has very clear expectations when it comes to giving and it also identifies the inner struggle we have as we wrestle over letting go. Although this morning may not be an entirely easy ride for us, the goal is that we find a place of generosity and liberty which was always far better than the limited life of self-interest.


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