‘Til Death Do Us Part…

that may be known to us as a TV sitcom from the 60’s & 70’s, but they are also a form of words used at weddings as the couple express their undying love for each other. And it’s love and death which is our subject on Sunday morning.

Having expressed his love through foot-washing Jesus will also allude to how his love will be expressed in his death. And to make this love fundamental to the community of believers Jesus will bring a New Commandment – ‘love one another’.

Peter will latch onto Jesus’ words with characteristic vigour and boldly claim that his love for Jesus will ensure that he will endure anything. But sadly , good intentions in a secure room after food are far less attractive in a darkened garden with a hostile mob.

And on Sunday evening, this same Peter will, speaking from such profound experience, describe how the believing community is to love.

Sadly, good intentions in a secure room after good food are far less attractive in a darkened garden with a hostile mob.


The Gospel of Judas . . .

. . . is an ancient text which has been dated to around AD280. In it the writer proposes that Judas alone of the disciples, knew and understood what Jesus’ Gospel was really all about, and that in giving Jesus up to the religious authorities he was only playing an obedient role in God’s great Passion drama. The Gospel of Judas didn’t catch on.

As we look at the story of Judas’ betrayal in John 13, we will see something of the tragedy of betrayal, examine the heart of betrayal and be invited to inspect our own lives to see what betrayal we too might carry.


We are delighted that tonight Rob and the young people will be leading us as we begin a journey through the Parables of Jesus. First up it is the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, told with words, prayers, videos and drama. And what’s more, we’ll expose that common misconception about what the parable really means, namely that…. no wait! You better come and find our for yourselves.


This week at ABC,

the story of Jesus takes a dramatic turn. Having had John so brilliantly describe for us who this man Jesus is, the mood changes and Jesus’ inexorable journey to the cross now takes more focus. Its as if the wide and easy flow of the river, now enters a canyon where rapids and danger loom. No longer free to preach and minister with impunity, Jesus is now a marked man and what awaits will require focus, unhuman resources of courage and an unshakeable belief that this is the only possible road he can take.


There’s this song . . .

. .  . ‘Awake My Soul’ by Mumford & Sons – it came out years ago. Its opening lines are: “How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes, I struggle to find any truth in your lies. And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know, my weakness I feel I must finally show”.

In just those few lines Marcus Mumford exposes the truth about our emotions, our thinking and how uncertainty and restlessness can rule parts of our lives. Peace can be elusive.

And we search for answers and peace in a myriad of places. Some are long shots, others look promising, but apart from God all these searches are ultimately futile.

When we baptise people at ABC we use a line of Roman Catholic liturgy; ‘…do you renounce the devil and all his empty promises…’. That’s truth, (true truth as one writer once put it). So let us run to Christ, to the only one who can ever bring peace for us; for our families.


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