The Gospel of Judas . . .

. . . is an ancient text which has been dated to around AD280. In it the writer proposes that Judas alone of the disciples, knew and understood what Jesus’ Gospel was really all about, and that in giving Jesus up to the religious authorities he was only playing an obedient role in God’s great Passion drama. The Gospel of Judas didn’t catch on.

As we look at the story of Judas’ betrayal in John 13, we will see something of the tragedy of betrayal, examine the heart of betrayal and be invited to inspect our own lives to see what betrayal we too might carry.


We are delighted that tonight Rob and the young people will be leading us as we begin a journey through the Parables of Jesus. First up it is the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, told with words, prayers, videos and drama. And what’s more, we’ll expose that common misconception about what the parable really means, namely that…. no wait! You better come and find our for yourselves.


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