Today is the day of days.

The day when history is re-written. When death dies. When the consequences of sin face their own consequences and hatred undoes itself. It is the day when the end no longer becomes the end. It is the day that truth triumphs and it is that day that the gulf is bridged.

For this is the day that love wins.


Corrie ten Boom . . .

. . . was once asked if it were difficult for her to remain humble. Her reply was simple. “When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on the back of a donkey, and everyone was waving palm branches and throwing garments onto the road, and singing praises, do you think that for one moment it ever entered the head of that donkey that any of that was for him?” She continued, “If I can be the donkey on which Jesus Christ rides in his glory, I give him all the praise and all the honour.”



The death of Stephen Hawking . . .

. . . was announced this week. He is feted as being one of the smartest men who has ever lived and has been instrumental in huge developments in our understanding of the cosmos. Yet Hawking claimed to be an atheist.

I once heard the American Baptist academic, Tony Campolo explain that when he met an atheist, he would often ask them to describe the kind of God they didn’t believe in. After they did so, Campolo would say, ‘I don’t believe in that kind of God either. Congratulations, you are well on your way to being a Christian!’ This is basically the response of Christian scientists to Hawking’s atheism. As Revd Dr David Wilkinson explains: “(Professor Hawking) demolished smaller Gods, and left us with the bigger, biblical God”.

This morning John Rouse will be speaking from John 14, where Jesus prays for his disciples. It is a remarkable window into their relationship and sets for us something of a model on how we can know God with a similar level of closeness.

This evening we share the service with our fabulous young people. We look at our next parable – the one about the sower and the different soils.


What a day!

This Sunday morning we see three men baptised, as they take a step of obedience and enter the baptistery.

Josh, Dennis and Rob will be enacting a rite which has been practised for millennia as they do this strange and wonderful thing of being immersed, washed and rising again (as if from death) into new life.

And with it we will hear again from John’s Gospel. This week we read that Jesus is the WAY to the Father and is the truth and the life. And more than this being a theological truth, the WAY is the WAY of Jesus, so requires more than intellectual assent, but a life which fully expresses the life of Jesus.

Some call. Some challenge to these young men and to us all.

This evening we have our Open To God service where a time of extended worship and ministry will help to encourage our spiritual lives and daily walk with Jesus.


This Sunday we are delighted . . .

. . . to welcome Nick Page who has been teaching at the men’s weekend.

Nick, who lives near Oxford, is a prolific author and regular speaker who is also a highly competent historian. Nick will be leading us through some familiar words from Matthew’s Gospel, but don’t come thinking that you’ve heard this all before – because there’s a strong likelihood that you won’t have.


And this evening, in an age where truth is so often relative, (this is my truth, tell me yours), we will be look at the question of knowing truth, true-truth, and why this is still important for followers of Jesus.


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