What a day!

This Sunday morning we see three men baptised, as they take a step of obedience and enter the baptistery.

Josh, Dennis and Rob will be enacting a rite which has been practised for millennia as they do this strange and wonderful thing of being immersed, washed and rising again (as if from death) into new life.

And with it we will hear again from John’s Gospel. This week we read that Jesus is the WAY to the Father and is the truth and the life. And more than this being a theological truth, the WAY is the WAY of Jesus, so requires more than intellectual assent, but a life which fully expresses the life of Jesus.

Some call. Some challenge to these young men and to us all.

This evening we have our Open To God service where a time of extended worship and ministry will help to encourage our spiritual lives and daily walk with Jesus.


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