when I was a teenager there were three Christian books which you had to read. The first was ‘The Hiding Place’, the remarkable story of Corrie Ten Boom surviving the Nazi persecution of the Second World War. ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’, a tale of how a New York minister called David Wilkerson lead Nicky Cruz and his gang to faith. And finally ‘God’s Smuggler’, the story of Brother Andrew who smuggled thousands of copies of the Bible across the iron curtain and into communist Europe where Christian faith was proscribed and believers persecuted. This Sunday, we are delighted to have Andy Worthington speak to us, who now heads up church relations for Open Doors, the charity which Brother Andrew started. We will be hearing some remarkable stores of faith and hear the latest news from their World Watch List of the most difficult countries to be a Christian today.

Sunday evening, we will be looking at a cracking little passage which challenges many of our preconceptions about how we should relate to our employers and what it means to follow the way of Christ.


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