Can you see what God is doing?

If we take a moment and step back and look, we may well notice that God is doing remarkable things in us. The Church Weekend is on the horizon and as such we excitedly anticipate an injection of apostolic input as John McGinley inspires to fully grasp what we are ‘Becoming…’ in Christ.

And what’s more, this week the fantastic Mat Wall trained us in evangelism – sharing the Gospel and sharing our story. What Mat has taught is now available on the website so take a look if you couldn’t be there (or need a refresher), because what he did share has animated us to share our faith.

And finally, the passage for this Sunday. It’s one of those crackerjack passages which preachers will always struggle to do justice to. Paul’s plain explanation of the Gospel as recorded in Ephesians which so closely matches what Mat shared this past week.

All these elements, planned independently, yet all pointing to one thing – the wonder of the Gospel and the necessity that we share it. Can you see what God is doing?


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