“It’s still coming home,

but its just that it has been delayed a bit”, so said one England fan after the team’s semi-final defeat to Croatia. The nation hoped, the nation watched, the nation was, according to one newspaper …. ‘heartbroken’.

England is deemed to be the home of football because we invented the game; the kicking around of an inflated pigs bladder and all that…  And we see England as more than just the place where football originated. Football in some sense belongs to us and as the national sport it is something which is a part of us.

And church is home, not a place. Church is family. Church is knowing and being known and it is part of who we are. So inevitably it engages with our emotions, our hopes, the joys and travails of life; it is a place to be encouraged and a place to be consoled. Church family is the place which God has given to us, where He is present and we learn to be his people. As such church has truly become for us a home.


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