The American Baptist Tony Campolo once said

The American Baptist Tony Campolo once said; “If we lose the next generation of young people from the church, it will not be because we have made Christianity too hard for them, but too easy.”

With the age group 15-29 being the missing generation from church I guess the temptation is to accommodate, provide for and make easy the path of faith. But in doing so we may unwittingly do our young people a disservice, failing in equipping them with a robust, reasonable and relevant faith.

In this respect, we are delighted to announce that Lydia will be joining us for a year as an intern from Youth for Christ. Lydia will be working with Rob to develop the faith of our young people and share it with young people who do not yet know Jesus. As we pray for Lydia, can we pray in faith that she will bring challenge and adventure to faith as she models to us all what it is to be a young person who follows Jesus.


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