David Builds a Temple. God Builds a House.

When I first considered including today’s passage in our series on David, I thought that it was about David building a temple in which the ark of the covenant could be housed. After all, the passage begins with David speculating about how he lived in a fine palace, but the ark was housed in a tent. But I was wrong.

The passage is not really about David’s building project; it’s about David’s heart. It lays bare for us the fact that we can think we are doing the right thing for God and we look to others like we are doing the right thing for God, but in fact we are doing nothing of the sort. This will be a challenge for us, but is also a story which is full of wonder.

On Sunday evening we are delighted to have Sally Hickson leading us in our service of Extended Communion. Sally will look at how the greatest salvation story of the Old Testament, (Passover and the Exodus) speaks into the work of Jesus on the Cross.

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