‘You were incapable of responding to God.’

‘You were incapable of responding to God.’ That’s how the Bible puts it when it describes our lives before we were saved. Its a phrase that may well grate with us, but no matter what our objection, its the truth. But here’s the thing; the passage goes on to say ‘God brought you alive—right along with Christ’. It’s all his work, we did nothing and he did it because of his indescribable love for us.

The change is complete, total, complete, utter. You are no longer the person you once were.

We celebrate this today with a baptism and will hear about the transformation which has occurred in one person’s life. Listen to the story, hear of the change, see the new life and wonder at the God who would do such a thing as this.

This evening we will hear about how we use our time, and challenging us to use it well.

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