The battle between good and evil, God and the devil, freedom and captivity actually begins.

Last Sunday the arrival of Jesus (and John who preceded him), set the stage for Mark’s Gospel. Or it could be said that in their arrival, the battle lines were drawn. Today that battle between good and evil, God and the devil, freedom and captivity actually begins.

Christianity today has, to a large degree, lost our understanding of the reality of this battle, so we would do well to listen attentively in order for us to gain a true perspective.

Sunday evening will see us bring together the imperative to ‘examine ourselves’ at the Lord’s table, with the message to the church at Ephesus in revelation 2 as we ask ourselves whether we rightly hold together our fidelity to the truth with our love for each other.

Oh, and today we will welcome Mr Beaver into our midst – all the way from Narnia!


ALPHA 2019

The ALPHA COURSE begins next Tuesday 29th January at ABC, Hale Road building at 8.00pm. Are you, or someone you know wanting to learn more about the Christian faith? Then this is the course. Over 10 Tuesday evenings with opportunity to ask lots of questions and hear a clear explanation of the essential beliefs of Christianity.
Pick up a flyer this Sunday or contact Kate at the church office on, tel no. 0161 941 3052 or come along to the church building, Byrom Street entrance next Tuesday evening. It’s a great adventure!

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‘The beginning of the Good News….’

After starting our series on Mark in chapter 14, on Sunday we rewind to chapter one, to ‘The beginning of the Good News….’

Not only is there Good News, but this news is proclaimed openly.

Today there is much about which we might be dismayed. Uncertainty, division, lies, hatred and fear increasingly encroach into public life and the national psyche. But here’s the thing; this will not be the end of things.

On Sunday we will find perspective and hope in the words of John the Baptist and the message of Jesus. Hope has arrived, and like John we are still free to share this wonderful life-changing, society-changing news.


We’re not starting at the beginning!

Julie Andrew’s character Maria, once told the von Trapp children that starting at the very beginning, (is a very good place to start), but we’re not doing that. On Sunday, as we start our journey through Mark’s Gospel we’re not starting at the beginning. The reason for this is because we are starting at the point where the whole thrust and direction of the story comes to a head for every hearer and reader of Mark’s account. If we grasp what Mark’s story means for us, then we are more likely to fully get hold of what this book might say to us.

So on Sunday, we’ll be turning to…… (you’ll have to wait and see).


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
We really hope that you have had a blessed Christmas; blessed with family and friends, blessed with space and time and rest and blessed with renewed faith, hope and peace for this old world of ours. On Sunday we start back with a bang…. or in fact, a splash! As part of our service this morning we will see a baptism. As a disciple of Jesus Christ this baptism is costly! It will cost him in his choices, in comforts and in self-interest, yet it will afford him a true perspective, a hope and the very presence of a loving God throughout the rest of his life. And as he makes this commitment we will all be invited to make a commitment to Christ for the coming year as we listen to God’s word to us, through Joshua 3.

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