Fear; faith and fear

On Sunday we will look at fear; faith and fear. It appears that these two words represent opposites, each sitting at alternate ends of a continuum: mutually exclusive. Faith the focus and lifeblood of the Christian life, while fear is the unnecessary half-life lived by those for whom faith is lacking.

Or is it quite so simple?

Contemporary living has produced higher levels of anxiety and fear than perhaps we have ever known, certainly greater than during other periods of ‘peace-time’. And this at a time when there is more emphasis on the self (dare I say ‘self-help’ even), than ever, even within the church. We live with faith and fear.

How on earth are we able to know the absence of fear which the pages of scripture describe to us? How will God free us from this paralysis ?

And on Sunday evening, why not make some space in your diary to spend time in reflection as Mick leads our extended communion service at 6.30pm.


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