Turn the other cheek

Turn the other cheek.’ There is perhaps, no other phrase in the whole of the Sermon on the Mount which has greater need of application in society today. We simply do not live and operate in a world which turns the other cheek. 
Division, demonisation and now ‘disgust’ are on the rise, resulting in deep fault lines which polarise, characterise those with opposing views and draws them as two dimensional. 
If we dare to hear these words, and apply them in our lives, God can use his people and his church to be a powerful voice and potent agent for his Kingdom. So listen up people. What is God saying to us today?
Sunday evening will be very exciting. Lead by a number of different people across the church, we are going to think through some of the environmental decisions and steps we should be taking as good stewards of the world God has entrusted us with. Come and be enlightened, educated and challenged in your daily living.

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