This Sunday is going to be quite a day in the life of ABC!

Sunday is going to be quite a day in the life of ABC!

In the morning we are thrilled to see three people baptised in obedient response to what God has revealed to them and invited them to do.  We will hear three different stories, spoken by three precious people about one loving heavenly Father.

Straight after this morning’s service will shall be holding a short ‘Special Church Meeting’ to confirm the calling of Andrew Hawksworth to be an ordained minister of ABC.

Then on Sunday evening, at 6.30pm it’s our annual carol service in which we gather as a church community around warm mince pies and hot drinks, to celebrate the love of God to us. Friends and family are especially welcome

Advent begins!

Advent begins tomorrow. We know what awaits us; Christmas Day and the celebration of the coming of God to earth in human form. But the journey up to that day is worth savouring as we learn patience, take time to reflect and come to know that we should not to make a god out of Christmas, but rather see, perceive and believe-in, the God whose arrival we’ll celebrate. And as Christmas literally translates as ‘Christ-gathering’ let us take time as a community to walk this journey well and together.


Well, its been quite a journey!

Well, its been quite a journey. I don’t think any of us quite realised what our examination of the life of King David over the autumn might reveal to us. However, we have found David to be a mixture of the inspiring, the exemplary, the faithful and generous and also to be someone whose flaws were writ large for all to see. In many ways he is very much like us.

What we have marvelled at therefore, is how someone who whilst so human could be used and blessed so wonderfully by this God who we too have come to know. What a remarkable thing; what a generous God; what a blessed life.


On Sunday we will take a break from our story of King David

On Sunday we will take a break from our story of King David, before we bring it to a conclusion next Sunday.  Its timely that we take the opportunity as we gather as a church family, to restate our vision. We will also express again how Missional Communities are fundamental to this, enabling us to ‘be a disciple, make disciples’.

We hope that this will be a tremendous encouragement to us all as we gain a picture of all the groups who are operating across the life of the church and of their life and witness. And, if you are not a part of a group, this will serve as an opportunity to find out more about our groups and have the chance to sign up for one.


Stories about love

Morning and evening today at ABC it is Father and Son, Lost and Found, Estrangement and Reconciliation. It’s David and Absalom and it’s the prodigal son and the Father. And these are human stories and they are our stories and they are stories about love.


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