Interpreter from underneath

The word hypocrite predates Jesus’ time on earth. It’s a word from the ancient world of Greek drama, and means ‘actor’. Actors would wear masks to denote which character they were playing and hypocrite literally means ‘interpreter from underneath’ – underneath the mask.

In Sunday morning’s passage Jon will take us through the first half of Matthew 6 in which Jesus addresses issues of pretence and honesty in faith. But of course, none of us have ever been tempted to come across as more faithful, more Christian, than we actually are!

On Sunday night our wonderful young people will be leading the service as we delve into the murky (and hypocritical) world of David and his sin.


Welcome to ABC

Welcome to ABC. We are delighted to share with you in celebrating the baptism of Abbi Court this Sunday. These services are always special to us as we witness and hear in one life of the work which God does in the life of every person who turns to Him.
We will also be hearing from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5 and how Jesus challenges our natural inclinations to be tribal, by inviting us to love our enemies – a far better way to live.
Sunday evening we share together in our Open to God service at 6.30pm. Mick and Andrew will be helping us to reflect on the experience of God’s presence with us; especially looking at the story of the Widow from Nain, whose life circumstances were transformed through the presence of Jesus. What might God transform in our lives as we welcome him in?

Turn the other cheek

Turn the other cheek.’ There is perhaps, no other phrase in the whole of the Sermon on the Mount which has greater need of application in society today. We simply do not live and operate in a world which turns the other cheek. 
Division, demonisation and now ‘disgust’ are on the rise, resulting in deep fault lines which polarise, characterise those with opposing views and draws them as two dimensional. 
If we dare to hear these words, and apply them in our lives, God can use his people and his church to be a powerful voice and potent agent for his Kingdom. So listen up people. What is God saying to us today?
Sunday evening will be very exciting. Lead by a number of different people across the church, we are going to think through some of the environmental decisions and steps we should be taking as good stewards of the world God has entrusted us with. Come and be enlightened, educated and challenged in your daily living.

It’s Promising

It’s Promising; that is the subject of Sunday morning’s passage from the Sermon on the Mount. Making oaths, swearing, being honest about the facts. Of course this also illuminates the issue of truth and truth telling – perhaps one of the greatest challenges to those working in public and political life today.

In another Gospel Jesus will declare, ‘Know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. So liberty, freedom and life await all those who wisely choose to walk this path.

And it’s also our Harvest Sunday! Please bring along the requested items for our three beneficiaries. NB Financial gifts can be given over the next few weeks.

Sunday evening Sally and John will host a relaxed and conversational style Cafe- Service as we mark the fifth Sunday in September.

See a better way!

In the trailer for the new series of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, the programme where the man is put in charge of all the arrangements for the wedding, generally resulting in ‘car-crash TV’, the groom and best man are talking together.

The best man attempts to coach the groom as to the significance of what is about to happen. In an impassioned plea he says to the groom. ‘C’mon mate this is important – this is serious stuff this getting married. You’ve got to realise it’s a big day – after all it is only going to happen 3 or 4 times in your whole life!’

This morning we continue in our series on the Sermon on the Mount and look at a passage which helps us to see a better way.

This evening we make space for an extended communion service. Time for reflection and sharing as we consider some of the famous last words of ‘the famous’, of Jesus and… of us?


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