We’re not starting at the beginning!

Julie Andrew’s character Maria, once told the von Trapp children that starting at the very beginning, (is a very good place to start), but we’re not doing that. On Sunday, as we start our journey through Mark’s Gospel we’re not starting at the beginning. The reason for this is because we are starting at the point where the whole thrust and direction of the story comes to a head for every hearer and reader of Mark’s account. If we grasp what Mark’s story means for us, then we are more likely to fully get hold of what this book might say to us.

So on Sunday, we’ll be turning to…… (you’ll have to wait and see).


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
We really hope that you have had a blessed Christmas; blessed with family and friends, blessed with space and time and rest and blessed with renewed faith, hope and peace for this old world of ours. On Sunday we start back with a bang…. or in fact, a splash! As part of our service this morning we will see a baptism. As a disciple of Jesus Christ this baptism is costly! It will cost him in his choices, in comforts and in self-interest, yet it will afford him a true perspective, a hope and the very presence of a loving God throughout the rest of his life. And as he makes this commitment we will all be invited to make a commitment to Christ for the coming year as we listen to God’s word to us, through Joshua 3.

Christmas 2018

We are tempted to look back on the events of the first Advent and conclude that, well, the people were less sophisticated than today, less scientific and rather more superstitious. So the accounts of Jesus’ birth, which hardly wash today, would have been acceptable then. But, everything in the Hebrew worldview militated against the idea that a human being could be God. Jews would not even pronounce the name ‘Yahweh’ yet alone spell it out. And yet over the course of his life Jesus —by his actions, his claims, and his resurrection — convinced many that he was not just a prophet telling them how to find God, but God himself coming to find them.

This is why we tell the story again, in 2018. This is why we still preach Christ.


This Sunday is going to be quite a day in the life of ABC!

Sunday is going to be quite a day in the life of ABC!

In the morning we are thrilled to see three people baptised in obedient response to what God has revealed to them and invited them to do.  We will hear three different stories, spoken by three precious people about one loving heavenly Father.

Straight after this morning’s service will shall be holding a short ‘Special Church Meeting’ to confirm the calling of Andrew Hawksworth to be an ordained minister of ABC.

Then on Sunday evening, at 6.30pm it’s our annual carol service in which we gather as a church community around warm mince pies and hot drinks, to celebrate the love of God to us. Friends and family are especially welcome

Advent begins!

Advent begins tomorrow. We know what awaits us; Christmas Day and the celebration of the coming of God to earth in human form. But the journey up to that day is worth savouring as we learn patience, take time to reflect and come to know that we should not to make a god out of Christmas, but rather see, perceive and believe-in, the God whose arrival we’ll celebrate. And as Christmas literally translates as ‘Christ-gathering’ let us take time as a community to walk this journey well and together.


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