Judging and condemnation

The Sermon on the Mount deals with the deep stuff. If we think we are familiar with it, have got the measure of it and can mark it off into neat little plots which are plain to read, then I suggest that more than likely we have missed the point; perhaps completely.

Sunday’s passage digs deep below the surface and addresses some gnarly roots which are difficult to see and even harder to get out, for judging and condemnation are indeed gnarly roots. But although the road that leads to life is, as Jesus will later say, narrow and hard, there is a reward for all who choose to pursue it.

Sunday evening Sally Hickson will be looking at the themes of violence and non-violence in The Passion, as we move towards our shared, reflective evening communion.


CAP Sunday!

God’s amazing work in a pile of A4 papers.
I well remember my first trip to Jubilee Mill, CAP’s HQ. We were introduced the wonderfully friendly staff, lead around their beautifully converted building and educated in the ways of their God-given vision. But my abiding memory was of piles of A4 pages on the desks on one very special team. These were the people who received from clients all the letters, claims and thinly veiled threats sent from creditors. The team stopped them landing through letter boxes, redirected them to the mill and beautifully, brutally and efficiently administrated the death out of them. They were miracle-workers, turning an unbearable weight of debt into bite-sized repayments with the sure and certain hope of financial freedom. Today we celebrate 10 years of a CAP Centre at ABC.
Sunday night we will celebrate our wonderful young people in November’s ‘Youth-In’ service.


One of the ideas behind us looking at the Sermon on the Mount was that it would elicit subjects which are highly relevant to contemporary living; and this ancient teaching doesn’t disappoint. Having reflected on our prediction towards accumulating wealth, on Sunday we turn to the question of worry, sadly a growing and widespread reality for many.
So we will be especially attentive to Jesus’ words as he brings a wonderful and liberating perspective to our troubled lives.
Sunday evening, Andrew will lead us in our Open to God Service as we reflect on our practicing of the presence of Jesus in our daily lives.

A visit from the window cleaner

On Sunday morning we look at some of the more enigmatic verses  of the Sermon on the Mount, ‘The eye is the lamp of the body…’ and will be asking ourselves what it might mean to live lives that are fully illuminated with the light of God. Also, picking up on what Andrew shared last Sunday we will be confronted by a stark and uncompromising choice regarding who we serve in this life.

Sunday evening we continue our exciting and challenging journey about our care for the environment and impact on climate change. We will be sharing the results of an ‘official’ survey of how green  ABC actually is and working to make sure that we keep our own house in order.


Make Jesus your choice

Make Jesus your choice, you’ll have a Rolls Royce!’ It is perhaps easy to wag a finger at the more extreme ways in which Christians twist and pervert what the Bible says about money and wealth; but the temptation to feather our own nests affects us all. Psychologist James Hillam talks about money as a reality between the material world and the spiritual realm – it has that level of impact on us. So on Sunday morning we will be challenged by some Biblical straight-talking as Andrew leads us through our next passage in the Sermon on the Mount.

Sunday evening we mark the end of the month with our extended communion. With Brian and Ashley we will especially be looking at the one big story of the Bible and seeing how our story fits in to this one big story.


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