Missions Fair this Sunday!

Please join us for our Missions Fair this Sunday the 18th November during the 10am service. Come and explore how you can join a group and get behind a mission!

The Debt Saviours

Don’t miss ‘The Debt Saviours’ on BBC 2 at 9pm tonight!
Across Britain more than four million people have debts considered unsustainable. Responsibility for advising and helping these vulnerable people is increasingly falling to charities. One of the biggest is Christians Against Poverty (CAP), led by its charismatic founder, Dr John Kirkby CBE, pictured below.

In this access all areas documentary, director Phillip Wood (Chasing Dad, Rehab), follows Dr Kirkby and some of the charity’s debt coaches. CAP has more than 6,000 staff and volunteers around the country providing help to people who often face losing their homes. The film shows how the home visits often include an offer to pray with clients and asks whether the real motivation is debt relief or bringing people to Jesus, or both.

Dr John Kirkby

That God is present . . .

. . .  at death as God is present in all life, makes it possible for us to journey through sorrow and pain. This is evident in the story of a young widower whose son could not sleep once they had returned from the funeral service. They slept in the same bed but the boy was still restless:

‘Finally, the boy reached out in the darkness and placed his hand on his father’s face asking, “Daddy, is your face toward me?” Assured by his father’s words, and by his own touch, that his father’s face was indeed toward him, the boy said, “If your face is toward me, I think I can go to sleep.” And in a little while he was quiet.’

As we grieve today, we are comforted by the knowledge that God’s face is turned towards us, is turned towards the whole church family.


Welcome back!

I guess it’s been a while since the whole church family were together but we are – gathered, worshipping, listening to God, reaching out to him and sharing and supporting one another.

Time is such a precious resource and we need to use it wisely, so this morning we shall be thinking about just that and looking at how we might make great choices to do with our time. Of course, time spent together and with God holds a special place in our lives, so savour it, today


Wow, what a weekend!

Even after a time of sober reflection over the past week we are still reflecting on the ‘Weekend At Home 2017’ as a really significant and encouraging time in ABC’s life. On Friday evening we took stock of where we had travelled, thanking God for all that he is doing in us and looked ahead to what he was about to do. On Saturday Kate Coleman brought us some brilliant teaching which seemed to inspire and challenge us in equal measure, before an evening of food, games and madness on the farm, (when did you last laugh that hard?)

Then on Sunday – wonderful breakfasts in homes again, then out in mission across Altrincham, before reporting back with exciting stories of what God had done.

Once again we are so thankful to God for family, mission, presence, understanding and so much more…


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