Stories about love

Morning and evening today at ABC it is Father and Son, Lost and Found, Estrangement and Reconciliation. It’s David and Absalom and it’s the prodigal son and the Father. And these are human stories and they are our stories and they are stories about love.


The abuse of women by men in positions of power has a long, and ancient history.

It was a year ago when the New York Post first published accusations about sexual assaults by Harvey Weinstein. Over time this turned into a movement #metoo. This past week employees of Google across the globe have walked out at 11am local time in protest about the $90million payoff of a former executive, Andy Rubin for a ‘credible accusation’ of sexual misconduct.

The abuse of women by men in positions of power has a long, and ancient history, as we shall see today in arguably the lowest point of David’s life and rule. Let us be thankful for Nathan’s response and for a God who loves us too much to let us get away with things. This passage presents a sobering message for every man in ABC.


David Builds a Temple. God Builds a House.

When I first considered including today’s passage in our series on David, I thought that it was about David building a temple in which the ark of the covenant could be housed. After all, the passage begins with David speculating about how he lived in a fine palace, but the ark was housed in a tent. But I was wrong.

The passage is not really about David’s building project; it’s about David’s heart. It lays bare for us the fact that we can think we are doing the right thing for God and we look to others like we are doing the right thing for God, but in fact we are doing nothing of the sort. This will be a challenge for us, but is also a story which is full of wonder.

On Sunday evening we are delighted to have Sally Hickson leading us in our service of Extended Communion. Sally will look at how the greatest salvation story of the Old Testament, (Passover and the Exodus) speaks into the work of Jesus on the Cross.

Two fabulous services!

This Sunday we are delighted to be able to share two fabulous services with you. On Sunday morning Deirdre Brower-Latz, principal of Nazarene Theological College comes again to speak at ABC, this time on the complex and challenging relationship between David and King Saul. Sunday evening our wonderful youth will be leading us in worship and teaching, (quiz and video) on the theme of The Apocalypse and the End of the World, (yes, they chose it!)


Many of us watched The Debt Saviours

Many of us watched The Debt Saviours on BBC2 last week; an hour-long programme following the work and life of Christians Against Poverty founder John Kirkby.

Although some of us may have been disappointed by aspects of the programme, what was clear were CAP’s Christian credentials and the fact that they are able, with much love and support, to lead some of the most vulnerable people in our society out of debt and into liberty and hope.

On Sunday we celebrate the work of CAP, sharing stories and updates of how our Centre is responding to local needs. This will be backed up by the remarkable story of 1 Samuel 30, David and the Brook Besor.

Sunday evening we gather to be Open To God in a worship, prayer and testimony service based on The Peace of God in John 14:27


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