Care and Support

Care and Support

From time to time we all need support and pastoral ministries exist for such occasions. Ministers and leaders are available to individuals for support, whatever the need is. This is especially available through the prayer ministry team at each church service or pastoral prayer over a period of time, accessed via Andrew Hawksworth. Beyond them, we can provide counselling, visitation, as well as referral to other agencies if appropriate.

Information about some of the care and support we offer can be read here….

Pastoral Team →
Counselling →
Safeguarding →

We aim for everyone to be a part of a missional community or small group which is a primary place of pastoral care.

The ministers and leaders are also available to all members of the community for all matters of a private and confidential nature, whether they are felt to be great or small.

They can be contacted via the following details:

Andrew Hawksworth – Pastoral minister, mob: 07771 798 533  email :

Ashley Hardingham – Lead minister, mob : 07894 728 886 email :

Rob Peirson – Youth pastor, mob : 07894 728 887 email :

Sarah Court – Children’s and Families worker, mob : 07894 728 888 email :