Leadership Team

ABC is led jointly by the Core Team and the Elders.

Core Team

The Core Team is the group who have key responsibilities in serving and leading the church. The Core Team consists of Ashley Hardingham (Lead Minister), Sarah Court (Children and Families), Andrew Hawksworth (Assistant Minister), Sarah Hayes (Operations) and Rob Peirson (Youth).

The team of five connects with all aspects of the church to ensure that every part of the church, pastoral, ministerial, gatherings, mission etc., is heard, supported and resourced as well as possible.

Ashley and Andrew are also elders.
Each term the Core Team and Elders spend the day together to look at vision and the key aspects of church life.

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The elders are nominated and endorsed by the church to fulfil a number of key roles. They are key in determining the vision of the church, setting a budget, making staff appointments and a number of other key and statutory responsibilities, this includes being Trustees of the church, given its charity status.

Elders serve an initial term of three years but can be re-nominated to serve a further three-year term. The Church Secretary and the Treasurer are two identified roles within the eldership.

Currently the elders are:

Mick Court (Church Secretary) – awaiting photo

Paul Rowley (Treasurer) 

Claire Gregory

Nicola Avery & Ros Silverwood

Sally Hickson (Elder responsible for Safeguarding)

Martin McKay-Smith

Alvin Wilson