“Grow Up And Take Responsibility….”

“Grow Up And Take Responsibility….”
Acts 19 is called ‘the Ephesian Pentecost’, the time when Paul taught the church there about the Holy Spirit and invited them to receive him. Rather than a faith based in synagogues and the Jerusalem Temple, they got to know God personally as he came to live in them. But with this blessing came great responsibility. The words at the top were spoken by Kate Coleman at our church weekend a few years back. They come to mind because just as our lives of faith are especially free of buildings at this time, so there is a particular challenge that each of us, filled with the Holy Spirit, should be sustaining and practicing our faith today, where we are.

Open your ‘eyes’ today to God

One of the advantages of the many versions of the Bible is that they highlight different aspects of words with which we have become familiar. My Bible reading took me to Psalm 125 in The Voice version of the Bible where I read:

Just as the mountains around Jerusalem embrace her, the Eternal, too, wraps around those who belong to Him— for this moment and for every moment to come.  

As people of faith we cannot, in this life,  know completely the reality of God who is with us. But he has spoken and does speak to us. And we see God in the world around us & know his care through conversations, answered prayers & His provision that we enjoy. Open your ‘eyes’ today to God who is wrapping you in His embrace, & may you know this in every moment that is to come.



Growing in trust

“We have real difficulty here because everyone thinks of changing the world, but where, oh where, are those who think of changing themselves? – People may genuinely want to be good, but seldom are they prepared to do what it takes to produce the inward life of goodness that can form the soul. Personal formation into the likeness of Christ is arduous and lifelong.” Richard Foster

There words were written many years ago but they have a wonderful resonance with us today. The world is changing and all manner of people (even us!) are projecting our hopes and dreams onto what this world that is changing – the ‘new normal’ – might be. However, let’s no neglect the change which is happening within and the new creation which God is making out of each of us. Let us submit ourselves to the transforming work of the Spirit – dealing with unhelpful habits, learning to pray and hear God speak through the Bible, growing in trust of God’s ways and not our own.

Lockdown Worship 3

The third in our occasional series of worship reflections during lockdown is now available

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The wonder of Zoom

I (Ashley) can be a bit slow at times. When we entered social distancing and then lockdown one of things I did was to contact those people we had booked to come and speak at ABC and arrange to cancel their visit. It has only just dawned on me that through the wonder of ‘zoom’ we can in fact access just about any speaker, anywhere. So to that end we have been back in contact with people we thought we were not able to come to ABC. So this Sunday we are delighted to welcome Arthur Brown, husband to Louise and son-in-law to our own Barbara Blake. Arthur is director of mission for BMS and having lived in Lebanon for many years will bring some unique and personal insights to our passage for today – Acts 15.

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