This weekend I actually want to make reference to next weekend, when we shall be holding our Gift Day, NOT STANDING STILL.

Giving is one of the five right uses of money which we see in the Bible, (along with borrowing, saving, spending and paying tax). Ultimately giving shows that the money we have is not our own it belongs, as all material things do, to the realm of that which belongs to God. We give first from what we receive – (in contemporary life that means the standing order is set for straight after the money hits our accounts).

In giving we demonstrate the faithfulness of our following Jesus, the grip which material things have on us is lessened and, as William Barclay puts it, there are on occasion, times to be reckless with giving, (extravagant might be another word!)

Jesus couldn’t have put it any better, when he said, ‘… where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ Matt 6:21


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