Giles Fraser . . .

. . . if you haven’t come across him before, might be described as a modern-day Daniel in the lion’s den. He is an Anglican priest who writes a weekly column for the less than pro-faith Guardian newspaper and is a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.

And he’s not one to shy away from controversy. This week he railed against how faith is portrayed by the BBC citing the co-presenters of Radio 4’s Today who described Thought for the Day as ‘deeply, deeply boring’ – John Humphries and ‘they are all roughly the same’ – Justin Webb.

In response Fraser argues – Quite simply, you cannot understand the world unless you understand something about the way that faith functions in the lives of its adherents.

Thought for the Day is two minutes and 40 seconds of God-talk in a three-hour radio programme about politics, sport and culture. Discussions about the racing tips often take up as much time as that given over to the world’s faiths.

Which made me think. Where are we having our daily conversation about faith in a secular world? A few snatched minutes, in a day filled with activity, media and screens?


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