There is no little irony . . .

. . . in the fact that it is during our weeks in John 6, that we hear of the sale of an artwork of Jesus which sells for $450million.

As we learnt last week, Jesus offers us life, true life, life that satisfies, and it won’t cost us a penny.

Yet people do not come easily, or always willingly to Jesus. We like to think that the decision about who Jesus is and what he offers is ours to make. So we size him up, check the claims and draw our conclusions; a bit like authenticating a work of art.


Today however, we will find that no one can come to Jesus unless he draws us to him. In truth the boot is on the other foot. We bring nothing to the table. He is the ‘Salvadore Mundi’, the Saviour of the world, and we can not save ourselves.


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