When I first read the tweet . . .

. . . which forms today’s ‘Quote of the Week’, I thought that Justin Welby was expressing his sadness at a Christian attack on a Muslim mosque in Nigeria which had killed more than 50 people. I had assumed that he was expressing his sadness at a misguided act which denied the calling of being Christ’s disciples and was about hate for neighbour rather than love.

But reading the newspaper the following day I discovered it is believed that the attack in Mubi was likely to have been enacted by Muslim terrorists Boko Harem on their own Islamic people. This puts a different slant on Welby’s tweet.

In expressing his sadness and his own prayers Welby was demonstrating a big vision of a big God. The God who is Lord of all people whether they acknowledge him or not. Let’s not keep God to ourselves, but follow the Archbishop’s example and share him with the world.


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