Who do you think you are?

Like me you may have been someone who, having read the Gospel accounts of Jesus, got the impression that what Jesus said and did, well they were just inevitable. Jesus, Saviour of the world, who is on a journey to Jerusalem, who at every step does what has been mapped out and he simply does what he was only ever going to do.

But what if it wasn’t actually like that?

What if the story of Jesus’ life was an unravelling one. One where he has decisions and choices to make, options about what he is to say, or even who he is to be. We see this clearly in stories like the temptation at the start of his ministry and in the garden near the end of it. And we’ll see it today, in John 6, as Jesus wows the crowd by feeding 5,000 but, facing the possibility of being a popularist leader, decides on a different route. The route to be a different kind of leader, a different kind of king, a different kind of Messiah.


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