A life lived in generosity

On Sunday we welcome the friends and family of Jess Hawksworth, who is being baptised. A number of Jess’ friends work at CAP in Bradford, where Jess is an intern; which connects nicely with today’s subject….

We have become used to the idea that some, or perhaps many, people live beyond their means. So it is that we use credit and loans to supplement the money we have coming in each month in order for us to get the stuff we want… and get it now!
When I was a teenager we had a businessman in the church who became chief executive of Access Credit Cards. But the thing is, he would only take the job if Access agreed to change their advertising slogan. You see, at that time it was ‘Access – take the waiting out of wanting.’

On Sunday we take a long, hard look at the culture of ‘stuff’ and our seemingly insatiable desire for more, before describing the exciting and compelling God-given vision of life lived in generosity.

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