Calling us to Christlike living

‘You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive’, so read the hard-written message placed on the windscreen of an ambulance. A female MP is on the receiving end of a Tweet that reads, “I wouldn’t even rape you.” The Telegraph reports that, ‘Brits today will fly into a rage at the slightest inconvenience because the comforts of modern life have raised our expectations to the level of irrational toddlers.’

In Sunday’s timely message, Mick will be challenging us all with the reality of our own participation in the increasingly angry world in which we live. Calling us to Christlike living which contradicts the seemingly inexorable slide of modern culture.

Sunday night we are delighted to have our young people leading us as we return to the story of King David and the calling God places on his life.


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