CAP Sunday!

God’s amazing work in a pile of A4 papers.
I well remember my first trip to Jubilee Mill, CAP’s HQ. We were introduced the wonderfully friendly staff, lead around their beautifully converted building and educated in the ways of their God-given vision. But my abiding memory was of piles of A4 pages on the desks on one very special team. These were the people who received from clients all the letters, claims and thinly veiled threats sent from creditors. The team stopped them landing through letter boxes, redirected them to the mill and beautifully, brutally and efficiently administrated the death out of them. They were miracle-workers, turning an unbearable weight of debt into bite-sized repayments with the sure and certain hope of financial freedom. Today we celebrate 10 years of a CAP Centre at ABC.
Sunday night we will celebrate our wonderful young people in November’s ‘Youth-In’ service.

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