Joseph did you know?

“Joseph did you know?’
We may well be familiar with the song, ‘Mary did you know?’ It explores the idea that the Annunciation, (Gabriel’s visit to Mary) explained to her that she was not only going to bear a child by the Holy Spirit, but this child would be great among the people. Well what about the question ‘Joseph did you know?’ Yes, an angel visited Joseph to tell him to marry Mary, but what other information was withheld? What did Joseph have to work through? What emotions stirred in him? Where did faith have to step in to fill his gap in understanding? On Sunday John will look at this ‘lesser figure’ in the story and use it to help us make sense of our stories.
The Sunday evening service is based on ‘The Environment and Political Action’ in this timely look at how we might influence politics and decision makers in our quest to care for God’s creation.

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