Come on church, there is still much to do

Thursday’s General Election produced a stunning result for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. On Friday morning the breakfast news channels were ‘a-buzz’ with analysis and prediction of what this means for the country over the next five years. As much as political commentators can over-egg and get over-excited in what they say, there does seem to have been some fundamental shifts which have taken place with a bold new vision and agenda for the country. In the church however, it is business as normal.

As the US theologian, Stanley Hauerwas, likes to point out, ‘The first job of the church is to be the church’, so it’s carry on with what we were and always have been doing. What is that exactly? Well as another Christian leader, Alan Hirsch, puts it, ‘Unless the church is equipping believers to embrace the values and vision of the kingdom of God and turn away from the materialism, consumerism, greed, and power of the present age, it not only abandons its biblical mandate, it is rendered missionally ineffective.’  Come on church, there is still much to do.

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