When a man comes around

On Wednesday I was in Homebase, returning a tin of paint. It was busy,  there was one till open with a girl in her early 20’s and there was a long queue. For a time they opened a second, but it went back to one and I was still in the queue. I wasn’t the only person returning something and there was some impatience, as I got to be served the girl on the till was at the point of losing it – anxiety written across her face, bottom lip beginning to go, eyes reddening. She picked up the walkie-talkie, called for a manager and without much concern as to whether I or anyone else could hear she told him, ‘Take me off the till, I just can’t do this anymore.’ She continued to serve me while the manager was on her way, so I just leaned in a bit and said ‘Well done. You are doing the right thing. Look after yourself.’

Sunday morning we will look at some of the darker aspects of Christmas, while Sunday evening we will slow down and ‘listen’ to Brother Lawrence as he helps us in the way of ‘Practicing the Presence’.


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