Understanding the times

There is this strange, enigmatic and enticing verse from the Old Testament about the tribe of Issachar.  In 1 Chronicles 12 we read of 200 chiefs of the tribe who ‘understood the times’ and ‘knew what Israel should do’. Wow, that’s some statement. 
I (and I imagine many of us) struggle in this fast-moving age to understand the times, let alone know what we should do in response. What was the right thing to do in the Brexit referendum, how do we engage with the transgender debate, what about A.I. or the continued decline of Christian faith in the West?
Throughout February we will journey some way to a better understanding of the times and setting the template of the Bible against what we see will show us more clearly what it is we should do. 
Sunday evening Sally and Brian will be helping us to understand more about our Christian response to the contemporary issue of migration around the globe.

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