Christian faith

I have this principle to do with Christian faith which goes like this: ‘If Christian faith is true, then it can’t be true for some things, it must be true for all things. And if it is true for all things then it must impact how to parent children, how political influence should be expressed and even for economic policy.’ Todays passage is an example of how faith in God has a direct impact on economics. We are probably familiar with the idea of the market place, of profit and loss, of ‘win-win’ and the ‘gig economy.’ So what on earth does it mean to apply Christian faith to this and the world of economics.
In today’s story from Acts 19 Paul is in Ephesus—where the god Artemis is worshipped. (Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and twin of Apollo). Paul’s sharing of faith did not simply have religious implications but, as we shall see, meant that an economic bombshell was detonated as well.

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