The post-COVID church

The past three months have seen a huge increase in words such as ‘opportunity’, ‘expectation’ and of course ‘unprecedented’. It’s been open season for all those with the desire and imagination to see things change—to create a new world. But what does that mean for the church? We will be joined this morning by Roy Searle of the Northumbria Community, who will help us to navigate the days that lie ahead.


This is my story

What do these famous names all have in common? Tina Turner, Jamie Vardy, Rafa Nadal and Gazza? The answer? They all have autobiographies entitled ‘My Story’ (My favourite autobiography title is by footballer Alan Ball, ‘It’s About A Ball’).

Life stories of the famous fascinate us because we get to see what shaped people, what influenced them and made them the people they became.

Today we read the powerful testimony of Paul. Familiar in some ways, but if we listen carefully, we’ll see the influences which truly shaped him.


Lockdown Worship 3

The third in our occasional series of worship reflections during lockdown is now available

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CCTV Episode 5 & Service (19th April) now available

Lockdown Worship – 2

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