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Children and Families Leader

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Our priority in appointing the right person for the role means that we are flexible in appointing full-time, part-time or job share and will be happy to talk with you about this.

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 it is a genuine occupational requirement that the post holder is a practicing Christian.

ABC IT manager (volunteer role)

Would you be interested in taking over the role of IT manager at ABC? 

Altrincham Baptist Church IT Manager Role Overview

The church’s two locations each have a computer network installation; neither of them is particularly large or complex, but they are a lot more sophisticated than a home network. Nothing changes very often, so the job of looking after the systems and networks is not onerous; but there is a need for someone who understands how it all works, who can be responsible for getting work done when necessary. Mostly it’s a matter of rectifying faults; less often some new requirement means that some extensions and changes are needed. Most operations are based on Microsoft 365, so the involvement with PCs as such is restricted mostly to providing connectivity and coping with on­site hardware problems.
The Hub also has an IT teaching room with ten workstations in it; when it’s in operation there is the occasional need to support the instructors who are teaching classes.
There is WiFi in both locations, parts of which are made available to visitors.

Skills that might be required
  • IP networking, including VLANs and wireless.
  • Windows system building and setup. There is a comprehensive build document for the church's machines.
  • The ability to find your way round a Linux system (the teaching room machines run Linux).
  • Understanding of the importance of note taking, record keeping and backups. When and if the teaching room needs a complete upgrade, slightly more Linux skill will be required, but there is comprehensive documentation.

Henry Law, the current incumbent, will be happy to help with acquiring or honing skills.

Time commitment

It varies from time to time, and you can to an extent devote as much or as little time as you wish. Operational faults and minor reconfiguration tasks have typically been taking 2­4 hours a month. Only occasionally do they need instant "same day" attention. Building a new Windows machine takes about four hours (spread over a day or so) but happens only once or twice a year.

How to find out more

Talk to Henry Law, who built most of what’s there and has documented it thoroughly. You may have a look at the documentation if you like. 07530 804698 or